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Avery Vallum Barrel-Aged Wild Grape Ale, Barrel Aged #30

Avery Vallum Barrel-Aged Wild Grape Ale

Avery Vallum Barrel-Aged Wild Grape Ale¬†will be the 30th entry into the brewery’s barrel aged series.

The 100% spontaneously fermented beer uses Cabernet Franc grapes, and Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

Yet another 100% spontaneous fermentation! The wild yeast living on on the grape skins once again did all the heavy lifting. Now do a 12 oz curl into your favorite drinking glass. Sip. Repeat. Feel the Burn.

Avery Vallum will be a 12 ounce bottle offering. These releases are limited, with a majority sold at the brewery on release day.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Cabernet Franc Grape Must. Wine Aged.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Release: TBA

9.6% ABV

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