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Shmaltz Death of A Contract Brewer Returns For Halloween

Shmaltz Death of a Contract Brewer 2015

Shmaltz Death Of A Contact Brewer celebrated the brewery opening, by creating a beer celebrating the death of what once was. Contract brewing.

Jeremy Cowan started out of the back of his grandmother’s car in San Francisco, California has grown into a national craft beer sensation. The black IPA will return again in time for Halloween.

Death seems so obvious: the end of life, no mas, kaput. But Humans stand an optimistic animal. Many tradition suggest alternate endings: Resurrection, reincarnation, rebirth, afterlife. Even the atheist view of Eterna Oblivion doesn’t seem quite final, more of a shift in spiritual states of (un)consciousness. As usual, Jewis tradition prescribes… Food. 7 days of family, community, and bagels (beer!), called, Shiva, meaning “7” i Hebrew. The flip side to the 7 days of Creation with the 7th as a holy day of rest. The first meal of Shiva is “th comfort meal.” And the number 7 provides powerful mojo: 7 Jewish wedding blessings, 7 Liberal Arts, 7 Luck Japanese gods, 7 stars of the Big Dipper, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 seas, 007 license to kill, 7 dwarves, We are by Wordsworth with a child’s view of death, 7 deadly sins, Best of 7 finals in NBA, NHL, MLB, 7th Inning stretch, If on Elway & Tiny Archibald. George Castanza yearned to name his firstborn, “7” as a living tribute to 07 Micke Mantle. The 7 award however must go to the immortal George Carlin for 7 Dirty Words, inspired by another her Lenny Bruce. Coming into 17 years of beer, and Year with our own Brewery, we commemorate this conversio with Death Of A Contract Brewer, our Shmaltz homage to new life – L’Chaim!

Shmaltz Death Of A Contact Brewer is a 12 ounce bottle offering.

Style: Black IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.
Return: Fall, 2015

7% ABV