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Anchor Fans! Meet Anchor Bock

Bock is a strong lager first brewed in the 14th century in Einbeck, Germany.  Traditionally, bocks are malty in nature using Munich and Vienna malts.  Monks would even drink them while fasting during Lent because it has a lot of liquid nutrients.   Basically, liquid bread.

Anchor Bock is definitely strong, darker, and maltier than Anchor’s other lager offerings.  Liquid bread is a great description.  This bock is brewed with 2 Row  Barley Malts and Wheat Malts and fresh whole flower hops.   This beer like Anchor’s many other brews is made in their all malt mash copper kettles in San Fransisco, California.

Available January – April seasonally in 12 oz/6 pks.  There are also 22 oz bottles, but I haven’t spotted them yet.  Also Draft offerings.

5.5% ABV

Fun Fact – You may notice on Anchor Bock’s bottle (and numerous other bottles) that there is a goat on it.  As the story goes – the word “Bock” in German translates to “Billygoat.”