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Alesmith’s Decadence & BA Speedway In June

Alesmith Brewing’s Decadence was first released in 2005 in honor of their 10th Anniversary.  Each year the beer is released in honor of their anniversary in the fall, in varying styles.  Previous styles include old ale, American strong ale, imperial porters just to name a few.

In Alesmith’s newsletter, this year’s release of Decadence is quite unique.  It’s a 2 year old barrel aged edition.

[quote]This has proved to be a very interesting edition of BA Decadence. The 2008 batch, an English-style barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, took on a pleasant sourness. Such quirks of nature can provide intriguing drinking experiences, like the many excellent wild ales being produced today. We think you’ll enjoy this delightfully unconventional offering.[/quote]

Style: English Barleywine (barrel aged)

?? ABV

Also, the barrel aged edition of Speedway Stout is ready to go.  Barrel Aged Speedway ranks among the top 100 beers in the world on Beer Advocate. It’s a big imperial stout with tons of coffee added.  Don’t forget the chocolate flavors too. 12% ABV.

[quote]This edition of BA Speedway, barreled in ’09, is as good as ever. Excellent sweet boozey notes with accents of oak, vanilla, and pleasant oxidative aspects alongside the customary coffee and bitter chocolate roasted malt characteristics.[/quote]

Style: Imperial Stout (barrel aged)

12% ABV

Release Date: June 15, 2011

Availability: Sold at the brewery – limited to 4 bottles of Speedway per person, 1 bottle of 2008 Decadence per person, pending turnout.  Alesmith starts handing out numbers at 8:30 am.