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A Victory For Ice Cream (And Root Beer)

Victory Ice Cream

Victory Ice Cream

Victory Brewing has been selling ice cream at the brewpub for years.  Now, the brewery has just started offering 3 flavors of ice cream, based off of 3 of their beers for sale “to go.”  The ice cream was created by Matt Krueger, the manager of Victory’s restaurant.  His idea comes straight from the brewing process itself.  Wort, the sugary liquid that is the base for creating beer is harvest and cooked down.  Each of the ice cream offerings use the wort from each of the beers.

The 3 varieties:

Triple Monkey – banana ice cream with peanuts & caramel.  Wort from Golden Monkey.

Hopped Up Devil – Cinnamon ice cream, cayenne and chocolate covered coffee beans.  Work from Hop Devil.

Storm King Crunch – Chocolate ice cream, malted milk balls.  Wort from Storm King.

The ice cream is only available at the pub in Downingtown (for now.) The ice cream is non alcoholic of course. Pints retail for $4.24 plus tax, while quarts are $7.99 plus tax.  <CBSPhilly>

The brewery has just made their root beer available to go too.  (And the timing couldn’t be more perfect for those who love ice cream floats.)  Victory has been brewing its own root beer since 1997, but until May it was only available on draft in the brewpub. Now visitors to the Downingtown brewpub and retail shop can take the classic soda home, in cases or six-packs.

“Ron and I loved root beer growing up,” owner Bill Covaleski said, “so when we started Victory Brewing Company, we knew we’d be brewing root beer as well as traditional beer. Thanks to our restaurant we’ve always been able to focus on appealing to people of all ages, not just the 21 and over crowd. Bottling root beer so everyone can enjoy a cold Victory at home just made sense.”

Victory Root Beer currently can be purchased in the Victory retail shop for $5.99 per six-pack and $22.99 per case.

Victory Root Beer