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A New Twist On Pumpkin Beer, Inspired by Victory

The pumpkin beers have started to arrive on shelves so that can only mean one thing, it’s almost pumpkin carving time!  While they do not recommend drinking and carving, Victory Brewing Co. is hosting their second annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – Inspired by Victory.  So grab a Festbier or two (but be careful with those knives!) and get the creative juices flowing.

The Details:

When you have completed your pumpkin carving email a photo to [email protected] along with your name, age, phone number, and mailing address by Wednesday, October 12th.  Entries will be posted online by October 14th and commenting will commence until October 21st when the judges will select a winner.  The winner recieves $50 and a great Victory prize pack and will be announced on October 31st!

The Rules:

1.) The pumpkin must feature a victory logo, image, character, etc.

2.) If you tweet/facebook a picture of your magnificent creation, tag Victory.

3.) If you email a picture of your pumpkin to Victory, you have given them the right to do whatever they please with that photo, forever.

4.) Carve your pumpkin, don’t paint it!

5.) Victory is not responisble for injuries incurred while carving and/or drinking and carving.

6.) No beer filled pumpkins and no puking pumpkins… c’mon you can do better than that!