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Bell’s Expansion A “Primal, Geometric Form”

Bell’s $17 millon dollar expansion is underway. (Soon you’ll have all the Two Hearted you can handle.)

Couple of notes about the expansion video below:

  • 3 years of planning are finally culminating
  • The building isn’t just a space, it has been designed to be¬†architecturally¬†significant.
  • The new tanks are proprietary technology, designed in Kalamazoo
  • In 2002, they produced 28,000 barrels. ¬†(868,000 gallons)
  • 2011, 180,000 barrels (5,580,000 gallons)
  • The new brewhouse at max can make 500,000 barrels. (15,500,000 gallons)
John Mallet describes the design as “a primal, geometric form.”