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$250 For A Bottle Of Beer?

How much are you willing to pay for beer?  As in, one bottle?  The Bruery has made quite a name for themselves in 3 years.  Let’s just say their beers are fantastic. Butttttt…  it stands to reason… how much are you willing to pay for rare beer?  Recently The Bruery collaborated with City Beer in San Francisco, California to create a beer for City’s 5th Anniversary.  The Wanderer (Dark Sour Ale barrel aged w/ blackberries & cherries) was limited to 30 cases to commemorate the occasion.  Now, after they sold out – the beer appears on sites like Ebay for $250 dollars a bottle! Traders are asking for a lot in return on a trade like this. So… the question to you the drinker is – is it too much? Is rare beer fun? Or getting out of control?

From a current Ebay listing for The Wanderer:

[quote]I will not accept other offers, and I’m content to cellar this beer should it not sell for my asking price. This bottle will only increase in value as scarcity also increased. Own this historical beer while you can.[/quote]

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