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Glass Growlers Are So Last Year

Having issues with your glass growlers?  The Bräuler seeks to fix that.  Glass breaks.  The Brauler is indestructible.  This piece of beer-gineering is made of food grade stainless steel. (No chipping. No cracking.)  This kick ass beer tote was created by The Zythos Project, a Portland, Oregon based engineering firm.  The mouth is 1.75″ wide, with deep threading to prevent carbonation loss.  The collar actually boasts accessories beyond the basic cap, including a bail top (swing top) and a CO2 counter pressure cap .

This cadillac of growlers comes with a 100% guarantee.  If for some reason you break it, The Zythos Project will replace it.  They can be laser etched – with brewery names, QR codes, websites, etc.  Fair warning, some states require government warnings to be legal for fill.  Might require some initial etching investments before your local growler bar/shop will fill it.  $TBA. <ZythosProject>


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