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Ommegang Hand of the Queen will expand the Game of Thrones Series this spring

Ommegang Hand of the Queen

Ommegang Hand of the Queen will expand the brewery’s Game of Thrones Series again this spring.

The next four Game of Thrones releases will be known as The Royal Reserve, inspired by the royals of Westeros. In this case, the Hand of the Queen Tyrion Lannister, hand to Danaerys Targaryen (rightful queen of Westeros).

Tyrion Lannister might be small in stature, but his personality and character are quite large.  Given his love of wine (I drink, and I know things), Ommegang chose a big, bold barleywine to embody this well known Lannister.

“We’ve wanted to brew for Tyrion for six seasons, and we believe his time has come. Knowing his preferences, our beer for Tyrion could only be a barleywine.” – Doug Campbell, President of Brewery Ommegang

This 11% alcohol by volume barleywine is described as “malt-forward and multifaceted”. Expect hints of brandy soaked raisins, dark fruit, and apricots. Expect 750-milliliter bottles to hit shelves in April 2018.

Very apropos for the coming of the winter solstice this week, Ommegang Winter is Here is currently on shelves, featuring the Night King who leads the freaky army of Nightwalkers.

Style: Barleywine
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: April 2018

11% ABV

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Ommegang Bend the Knee may be the best Game of Thrones release yet

Ommegang Bend The Knee Bottles

One day there will another Game of Thrones book. Perhaps sooner than that, the next season on HBO. In the mean time, Game of Thrones fans will sip Ommegang Bend the Knee and wait.

Commemorating the seventh season of the game changing series, Ommegang Bend the Knee is golden ale. The 9% alcohol by volume beer will debut in three different collector bottles, each with the house seals for each family vying for the Iron Throne.

Each of the 750 mililter bottles will sport House Stark, House Targaryen, and House Lannister, retailing around $10.99 per bottle. The brewery chose Saaz, Bravo, and Stryian Golding hops for the golden ale, with a malt base of pilsner and flaked oats.

This may be our favorite release to date. The throne may be iron, but this beer sports a beautiful golden hue, with a touch of citrus hop flavor. The wildflower honey addition cuts the bitterness like a sharp sword passing through your enemy. The Song of Ice & Fire may be complex, but this beer is a beautiful as the Mother of Dragons.


Bend the Knee is brewed with pils malt and flaked oats and hopped with Saaz, Bravo, and Styrian Golding hops. It pours a golden hue with a large, frothy head. Both the aroma and flavor mix maltiness and citrus from the hops, while Ommegang’s signature house yeast produces prominent fruitiness. Wildflower honey added during fermentation provides light sweetness to the beer, which finishes dry and with firm hop bitterness.

“With this next Game of Thrones-inspired release, we wanted a beer and a pack that was fit for a king… or a queen. Drawing from a rich Belgian brewing tradition, Golden Strong Ales are deceptive due to their unique combination of extreme drinkability and relatively high alcohol content. Bend the Knee walks that line, while also incorporating the delicate flavors of honey into the mix. The subtle noble and floral hop contribution adds to its delicateness, and the beer finishes smooth and dry.” Brewery Ommegang President, Doug Campbell.

Unlike the book or the tv season, Ommegang Bend the Knee has arrived right on time, Memorial Day Weekend 2017.

Style: Golden Ale (w/ Honey)
Hops: Saaz, Bravo, Stryian Golding
Malts: Pilsner, Flaked Oats

Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: Memorial Day, 2017

9% ABV

PIC: Beer Street Journal

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Ommegang Valar Dohaeris is up next in Game of Thrones Series

Ommegang Valar Dohaeris duo

Ommegang Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale is next up in the brewery’s Game of Thrones series.

This latest edition is a Belgian-style tripel ale, centering around Arya Stark’s Season 6 struggles in the House of Black and White. Ommegang Valar Dohaeris, which means all men must serve, follows Ommegang Valar Morgulis in the ongoing series.

The label art for each features the two-headed coin, given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H’ghar, which gained her passage to Braavos. The brewery will release a gift pack featuring both Morgulis and Dohaeris, mimicking the aforementioned House of Black & White.

“When we got a sense of the season’s key plot points, we knew right away Valar Dohaeris was the new beer name and that bringing back Valar Morghulis was a must,” says Bill Wetmore, General Manager and Marketing Director for Brewery Ommegang. “And I think HBO’s fantastic idea to have the gift pack mimic the House of Black and White is really going to be a hit with fans. It looks killer and I think fans are going to scoop them up pretty quickly for gifts or for their own collections.”

Ommegang Valar Dohaeris debuts on October 10th, much earlier than when you’ll see season 7 of the show (which was recently cut to 7 episodes, in summer, 2017).

Ommegang re-released Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout recently, along with Game of Thrones glassware. The series includes features Valar Morghulis Three Eye Raven Saison, and Fire and Blood Red Ale.

Style: Belgian-Style Tripel
Pilsner, Wheat, Oats

Availability750ml bottles, Draft
Release: 10/11/16

9% ABV


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Ommegang Seven Kingdoms is the latest Game of Thrones beer

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms close

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale has joined the brewery’s Game of Thrones series.

This edition is a hop-forward marriage of Belgian and American style wheat ales, that finishes strong at 6.9% alcohol by volume. Ommegang touts this beer as “refreshing” (like an episode where a main character doesn’t die some bloody horrible death?)

“With Seven Kingdoms, Ommegang has crafted another excellent brew which we know our fans will love,” said Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO. “The world of Westeros is varied and complex and this varietal embodies those characteristics while offering a new and unique taste to beer drinkers.”

Ommegang Seven Kingdoms features Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus hops, plus white and red wheat. Available in 750 milliliter bottles in March, just ahead of the April season debut. You’ll have a fresh beer to drink when we hopefully figure out the fate of Jon Snow.

Ommegang recently re-released Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout recently, along with Game of Thrones glassware. The series also features Valar Morghulis Three Eye Raven Saison, and Fire and Blood Red Ale.

Style: Wheat Ale
 Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus
White Wheat, Red Wheat, Oats

Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft
Release: March/Early April, 2016

6.9% ABV

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Ommegang to Re-Release Two Game of Thrones Beers, Gift Set

Hey, while you are arguing over the fate of John Snow, check this out. Brewery Ommegang is re-releasing the first two offerings in the brewery’s Game of Thrones Series.

Coming this fall, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, and Take the Black Stout will reappear in a Game of Thrones Gift Pack, along with a Game of Thrones glass.

“We heard from so many fans who were disappointed about missing the first two Game of Thrones beers,” said Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO. “The popularity of the beers has grown right alongside the popularity of the show, and we are thrilled to give these first two brews a second turn in the spotlight.”

Iron Throne Blonde Ale was the first release in the series, and fewest bottles produced in the series. Take the Black followed shortly after, selling out just as fast. Other beers in the series includes Three Eyed Raven, a saison, and Valar Morghulis, a Belgian-style dubbel.

You will find both beer on draft in September, along with 750ml bottles and gift sets. ERP, $22.99.

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Ommegang Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven Released

Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven

Brewery Ommegang will extend their exclusive Game of Thrones line with a fifth beer – Three Eyed Raven. This beer, a dark saison, focuses on the weird (fine, mysterious) bird seen in Bran’s dreams.

The fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres April 12th. Ahead of the episode, Ommegang Three Eyed Raven is hitting shelves.

Released last year, the fourth offering, Valar Morghulus (aka. All Men Must Die) debuted.

Ommegang Three Eyed Raven is available in 37,000, 750ml bottles, corked & caged.

Style: Saison
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Arrival: 4/6/15

7.2% ABV

The raven. The artwork. The epic series.

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Game of Thrones: Ommegang Valar Morghulis Hits Shelves

Ommegang Valar Morghulis

All men must die. That makes sense to Game of Throne fans, and those excited for Ommegang’s newest release – Valar Morghulis. The Belgian-style dubbel is the fourth offering in the TV inspired series.

Valar Morghulis possesses a deep chestnut brown color with a persistent and creamy tan head. Rich aromas of caramel, toffee, ripe fruits and burnt sugar, with a hint of cloves.

Valar Morghulis translates to “all men must die” in High Valyrian. (A language featured in the show) and is also the name of the season finale in season 2. Available in 750ml bottles for a limited time.

Style: Belgian-style Dubbel (w/ Candi Sugar)
Hops: Apollo, Hallertau

Availability: 750ml bottles, corked & caged. Draft

8% ABV