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You Take Bourbon County Out, Put King Henry In

Goose Island Brewing was purportedly making King Henry Barleywine back in 2008.  Rumor has it, Dominique rose in it’s place.  There has been a couple of small sightings at festivals, but it now looks like the King Henry will take his throne in 2011.

A description from BA clues us in a little bit more:
Loosely based off our 2000th brew at our production facility, we revived this hybrid American / English Barley Wine for a special treat. Coming out of the tanks we aged it in barrels previously used for Bourbon County Stout to add another layer of complexity.

Per Goose Island’s release schedule, King Henry is set to take his throne in December, 2011.

Style: Barleywine. (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 220z bombers

11.5% ABV