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You Could Be Hired BECAUSE You Drink

Utah’s alcohol laws are at the very least… interesting.   (Read about Zion Curtains.)    The state is back in the news again, this time for a much better reason.  A lawmaker wants to make sure that the voice of the states drinking population is heard.  State Rep. Brian Doughty has introduced a bill that would would require that at least two members of the state’s five-member Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission be drinkers.

HB 193 requires the governor to appoint two members to the commission AFTER they sign sworn affidavits of their drinking habits.  (Here I’m trying to deny I drink as much as I do.  I’ve never had to swear to it.)

“At least two of the commissioners shall, for at least one year before being appointed and during their term, be consumers of an alcoholic product,”

Apparently, about 70% of the Utah’s population are Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members that abstain from drinking.   The restrictive laws prevent Utah from getting more tourism, and conventions due to such laws.

Other restrictive laws include:

Zion Curtains (You can’t see the liquor bottles, or the people pouring)

It’s illegal to order/pour a “double”

The mini keg or “Chubby” was banned last year, for fear that someone will drink all of it at one time.

Most kegs (5.2 gal, 7.75, 15.5 gal) are pretty hard to come by on the consumer side.