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World’s Largest Randall! Today @ 5 Seasons West

At 5:55pm today the beer world will be introduced to the worlds LARGEST randall.   What is a randall you might ask?  The name randall comes from an invention by Dogfish Head Brewery – “Randall The Enamel Animal.” It’s an organoleptic hop transducer module.  (Very technical.)   The original randall looks a bit like a large plastic cylinder full of hops.  The theory behind the randall is a lot like tea.  The beer is pour into the randall which is full of whole leaf hops.  It passes through the leaf hops like water would through a teabag.  The alcohol in the beer pulls the oils off the hops adding extra hop/whole leaf hop character.  I’ve referred to it as “raw hopping.”  Probably not the most accurate terminology, but its functional.  5 Seasons West’s “Randall” is dubbed “Frnnk Tate” and is actually a big metal tower for the hops to reside.  Picture of it here.

What you see pictured above is the upgraded, record breaking Randall.  It’s a modified hopper, to be filled full of willamette hops in preparation for the Plan B IPA to be poured in.  In order to do this, the keg is going to be placed on the second floor of 5 Seasons, near the sky bar.  A hose will run down into the massive Randall, filtered through the willamette hops, and finally into the thirsty beer drinkers glass.

Plan B IPA

Hops – Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo

Raw Hops – Willamette

Malts – Marris Otter, Crystal 50/70

7% ABV

In addition! There will beer another cask on the regular beer engine – a Belgian IPA.  It is dry hopped with Amarillo & Centennial. It’s 9% ABV

Both tap Today – April 1st at 5:55 pm!  (PS, this is NO JOKE! Be there at 5:55pm and see for yourself!)

5 Seasons West –  4/1,  5:55pm
1000 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30318

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