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Weyerbacher Seventeen, A Boozy Saison Ships

Weyerbacher Brewing has a little more info on Seventeen, now shipping.

Seventeen is a Saison Ale brewed with pink peppercorns, orange zest, lemon zest, and grapefruit zest.  Brewed to the classic “Weyerbacher anniversary requirement” of a strength of 10% abv or more, Seventeen weighs in at a style-obliterating 10.5% abv.  Seventeen releases subtle notes of fruit, berry and pepper upon pouring. You’ll notice a balanced sweetness with a touch of citrus and spice with a dry and peppery finish.

Seventeen is a once-and-done release only and will not be here for long!  This style of beer should age very, very well.  Be sure to get some before it’s gone!

Style: Saison

Availability: 12 oz bottles, Draft. One time brew.
Arrival: June, 2012

10.5% ABV  (quite high for a saison)




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