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Russian River/Sierra Nevada Brux Bottles Surface [Video]

Russian River & Sierra Nevada are currently debuting a new collaboration – Brux .  Brux (aka Brettanomyces bruxellensis) is so named for  the yeast you’ll find in these bottles.   The collab is brewed at Sierra Nevada (who doesn’t use much wild yeast at their facility.)   Because the  yeast will essentially “infect” the bottling line, and potentially the brewhouse, a special procedure was introduced to make this happen.  Right before the beer was sealed, a small bit of brett was shot into the bottle.  That way, the risk of having this unique yeast getting into other Sierra Nevada beers is reduced.

Brux is shipping through Sierra Nevada’s distribution network.  Bottles have already started surfacing.  Below, Brian Grossman and Russian River’s Vinnie Ciluruzo introduce this collaboration during Asheville Beer Week.

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: 750ml bottles, corked & caged.
Arrival: July, 2012

8.3% ABV