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Weyerbacher Blanche now White Sun Wit

The beer formerly known as Weyerbacher Blanche, is now known as White Sun Wit. Sun will seaonally return in April.

White Sun Wit (4.6% ABV) is a crisp and hazy Belgian-Style Wit.  White Sun Wit is Weyerbacher’s thirst-quenching spring and early summer ale.  The nose has a light spiciness from the coriander, orange peel, grains of paradise, and star anise.  The palate reveals a mild, refreshing and effervescent wheat beer that finishes with just a hint of tartness.  Available from April through July.  Enjoy!

Style: Witbier (w/ Coriander, Orange Peel, Grains Of Paradise, Star Anise)
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: April -July, Seasonally

4.6% ABV