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VID: Woman Fights Beer Thieves

Cheers to this woman for just being sick and tired of crime.  Monique Lawless (the name just wreaks of irony…) a single mother of 2, was shopping at Walmart in Alvin, Texas.  Two kids walk into the store, grab Bud Light, and leave without paying.  Lawless noticed the theft in progress – and after the Walmart greeter failed to stop the lawbreakers, dropped her purse and took off running after them.

There was a third kid in a get away car ready to pick up the other 2 and their beer out front of the store.  Lawless jumped up on top of the car in an attempt to stop them.  The kids bust out laughing in the car and drive off causing here to fall off the car and dragged a few feet.  These little bastards obviously thought hurting a woman was funny.   What’s even more idiotic – one of them was over 21 and could buy the beer legally. The three were finally arrested.  Check out the video.  One of the suspects was pinned by a cop car. Awesome.