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Upland Champagne Velvet Cans Coming

Upland Champagne Velvet Cans

Upland Beer Champagne Velvet cans are on the way. The pilsner was released in early 2013, meant to remind the beer drinker of what beers were like prior to prohibition in the United States (aka the dark times.)

Champagne Velvet, a German-inspired pilsner, was the flagship of the defunct Terre Haute Brewing Company. Upland is using Michigan Mobile Canning for the packaging.

Champagne Velvet is a Classic American Pilsner, reminiscent of what local beer tasted like before prohibition. The balance of corn and malted barley provides a golden straw color and subtle sweetness, reminding the drinker of a time when corn would be used to provide flavor and stability to beer. Cluster hops, the oldest variety grown in the United States, were used for bittering, and a late kettle addition of German Tettnang provides noble hop flavor and aroma. Grown in the southwest region of Germany where Anton Mayer was born before immigrating to the United States and taking over the Terre Haute Brewing Company, our choice of Tettnang hops are both a tribute to the man who would make Champagne Velvet’s original popularity possible while also adding a historically authentic ingredient to our recipe.

Style: Pilsner
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Cans (Soon.) Year-round.

Image via the brewery