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Troegs Withdraws Trademark Challenge

Troegs and Fegleys have been having a “minor” disagreement over an Elf.  As you might recall – Troegs makes Mad Elf, Fegleys makes Rude Elf’s Reserve.  Troegs filed a trademark challenge against Fegley’s.

Troegs has withdrawn the challenge as of October 20, 2011.  Brew Works countersued stating that Troegs changed the logo for Mad Elf in 2006.  In legal-ese, when Troegs made the choice to change the logo, they abandoned the continued use of the logo for which they filed infringement upon.

“We may need a different name since we technically should have been using the old label continually, from a trademark stance,” Troegs co-founder Chris Trogner writes in the e-mails, which were included with the suit.

At any rate, the suit has been withdrawn, with full details not being disclosed.  The Elves look to live peacefully.  For now.  [LeighValleyLive]