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Fegley’s 15th Anniversary

Fegley's 15th Anniversary

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Posted in Fegley's Brewworks, New Beers

Fegley’s Brewworks Nearfest Hopocalypse Imperial IPA

Fegleys Brewworks Nearfest Hopocalypse Imperial IPAA special edition brew from the makers of Fegley’s – Nearfest Hopcalypse Imperial IPA.  Different style each year for the festival.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles

9.8% ABV


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Troegs Withdraws Trademark Challenge

Troegs and Fegleys have been having a “minor” disagreement over an Elf.  As you might recall – Troegs makes Mad Elf, Fegleys makes Rude Elf’s Reserve.  Troegs filed a trademark challenge against Fegley’s.

Troegs has withdrawn the challenge as of October 20, 2011.  Brew Works countersued stating that Troegs changed the logo for Mad Elf in 2006.  In legal-ese, when Troegs made the choice to change the logo, they abandoned the continued use of the logo for which they filed infringement upon.

“We may need a different name since we technically should have been using the old label continually, from a trademark stance,” Troegs co-founder Chris Trogner writes in the e-mails, which were included with the suit.

At any rate, the suit has been withdrawn, with full details not being disclosed.  The Elves look to live peacefully.  For now.  [LeighValleyLive]



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The Battle Of The Elves Is Over

In the spirit of Christmas (or actually Halloween -when it was settled) the “elf fight” was settled.   Troeg’s Brewing (Hershey, PA) and Fegley’s Brewworks (Allentown, PA) have been at odds over elf beer names.  Troeg’s makes Mad Elf. Fegley’s makes Rude Elf Reserve.  Troeg’s contended it had the sole right to use “elf” in it’s name Fegley’s (who has changed the name of the beer once already due to lawsuit) refused to change it again.

On October 31st, the breweries settled the dispute – although the details have not been disclosed.  Fegley’s WILL be using the Rude Elf name on it’s 2011 release.   Who won?  Both breweries will use the elf image on their beers.  Neither brewery has commented on the terms of the settlement.  [MorningCall]

Perhaps The Peaceful Elf has something to do with this?

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