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Terrapin Reunion 2010 Arrives Today!

Every one was starting wonder when this beer was going to hit.  Well it’s being delivered today.   Just to recap –

What is Reunion?  Virgina McLean, partner in the Reunion project, died from complications from multiple myeloma in June, 2007.   She had a fantastic quote“Cancer can cause my death, but it can only take my life if I give it that.” Virginia is the inspiration for the Reunion project, a way to drink good beer and raise money for the Institute for & Bone Cancer Research.  100% of the proceeds go straight to IMBCR. (  This Institute works to prolong the life of individuals suffering from the currently incurable form of bone cancer, and hopes to one day find a cure. This institute does not have a huge operating budget — and proceeds from this Reunion project really make a difference.

Reunion 2010 is Belgian style scotch ale.   It’s brewed with 5 different malts, and hopped with Kent Golding.  A Trappist yeast was used on a scotch ale recipe… thus Belgian style scotch ale.

Availability —  22oz Bottles and Draft.  Draft will be featured at Taco Mac restaurants.

8.5% ABV

SBS Imports ( is a proud partner in the project also.  SBS is an importers of beers and ciders like Aspall and De Proef.  To read more, AND/or to donate  – and