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NEW RELEASE: The Bruery’s Tradewinds

I don’t know whether hate Patrick Rue, or I’m jealous of him.  Probably a bit of both.  Mainly because at 29 years old he has created one of the most innovative craft breweries in the United States.  (In my humble opinion.)  The newest release to reach Georgia from The Bruery has arrived – Tradewinds, and it’s sure to satisfy.

Tradewinds is The Bruery’s summer seasonal, and is a tripel style of beer.  Anyone who know’s The Bruery’s beers knows that they didn’t stop at just brewing a tripel.  How boring would that be?  Instead using Belgian candi sugar, an ingredient that resembles rock candy from your childhood and is used to raise the alcohol in beer without changing the beer’s body.  The Bruery however, used rice in the mash instead of candi sugar.  The rise increases the alcohol in the beer, but lightens the body.  Great idea for a summer seasonal.  In addition to the rice, Thai basil was used to spice Tradewinds up a bit and add complexity.  As always, The Bruery beers are bottle conditioned.  You’ll find an almost champagne level of carbonation due to the yeast used.

Taste Expectations: Tradewinds is spicy.  Look for basil leave, clove, pepper and lemon citrus.  The basil and hops play off each other a good bit.   Pour slowly!

Availablility: 750 ML Champagne bottles. Capped. Seasonally offered each summer.

8% ABV