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Paste Magazine’s Top Winter Beers

Paste Mag loves lists.  (Especially beer lists).  I got to co-author the Top 25 New Beers of 2010 with Josh Jackson at Paste Magazine in December.  The article got huge press, and I think it was well received.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s winter time and Josh has compiled a list of winter beers.  Luckily I got to put in my 2 cents again.  Many of these are still on shelves.  Read it & get drinking.

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Paste Magazine’s Top 25 New Beers of 2010

I was recently asked to help write this article for Paste Magazine.  Josh Jackson & Nick Purdy wanted insight on the top new beer releases in 2010.  My knee jerk reaction was “hey I’m an alchoholic with a purpose!” Finally I could put all this drinking to good use.

As you read over the list, you will see that almost all of the beers were released in 2010.  A couple were ify.  Take Victory Brewing’s Yakima Glory.  Yes it WAS released in 2009 under the name Yakima Twilight.  You know that, & I know what.  Not EVERYONE knows that.  They are blissfully unaware of it’s name change, and are perfectly happy consuming mass quantities of it.  Don’t harsh their mellow.

Some of the beers are “whales” or hard to get one time beers.  These “whales” are magically delicious and are very notable.  Just… hard to get.  If you are resourceful, you could get one.  Trust me it’s worth it.   Happy reading.

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