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Heavy Seas Plank IV, the 4th in the series

Heavy Seas Plank IV

Heavy Seas Plank IV is the fourth offering to join the brewery’s unique “Plank Project” Series.

Heavy Seas started the Plank Project back in 2011. The project’s concept is to push the boundaries of what wood will do to the base beer’s flavor. The wood’s flavor has been altered/manipulated with heat for a more unique flavor transfer.

To create Heavy Seas Plank IV, the brewery aged a Belgian-style strong ale on four different wood styles that have been kilned, almost to the point of charring, including Poplar, Cherry, Jamaican allspice, Cuban cedar.

A deep garnet hued brew with rich caramel malt flavors dominate the nose and pallet. Fruity esters of plum, raisin, and dates abound,” says Christopher Leonard, Heavy Seas Brewmaster and Operations Manager.  

Heavy Seas Plank IV is available in 22 ounce bottles in March and April in all 18 states the brewery currently distributes.

Style: Belgian-style Strong Ale (w/ Candi Sugar, Cane Sugar, Wood Aged)
Hops: Perle, Hallertau Mittlefrue
Malts: 2-row, Munich, Caramel Munich 60, Caramel Munich 80, Caramel Munich 120, Chocolate

Availability: 22oz Bottles
Release: March, 2016

11.25% ABV, 22 IBUs

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Quick Look: Heavy Seas Plank III

Heavy Seas Brewing (Baltimore, MD) just re-released the first 2014 offering in the Uncharted Waters Series, Siren Noire.

The 2014 lineup is a lot like 2013, with just a couple of changes. Yuletide’s style will change this year (TBA) plus the third release in the Plank Project.

The Plank Project features beers that showcase special wood aging treatments. (Like wood treated with heat.) Plank III will arrive in July, a Belgian-style Ale aged on Jamaican Allspice wood.

Our newest addition to our Plank Series, the Belgian-style ale is aged over Jamaican Allspice wood to lend bold and spicy flavor to a robust yet drinkable beer.

Look for Plank III in 22oz bombers and limited draft this summer.

Style: Belgian Strong Ale (Oak/Wood Aged)
Arrival: July, 2014 (Tentative)

?? ABV

Plank 1– English Strong Ale, aged on poplar oak
Plank 2 – Dopplebock, aged on poplar & eucalyptus

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Heavy Seas Plank II In April

Heavy Seas Plank II– the second of the series arrives in April.  The series features beers showcasing special wood aging treatments. (Heated planks of unique wood.)

II is a Doppelbock style lager matured with specially treated Eucalyptus and Yellow Poplar wood planks.  Six-foot planks of Eucalyptus and Poplar were placed in the fermenter and allowed to age with the beer for six weeks.  Look for it early April.  [PressRelease]

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Initial Details: Heavy Seas Plank II

Had a little chat with the southeast’s most popular beer bachelor from Heavy Seas Brewing, Kevin Fox.    Looks like the Baltimore based brewery has finalized details about their second Plank release.   Just a recap – this series was announced in early 2011.  Plank is a  brand new experiment by Heavy Seas showcasing unique wood aging treatments to add nuance and flavor to the beer.  Each beer is allowed time to age on the wood during secondary fermentation.   Plank I was an old ale aged yellow poplar – the first aged on that kind of wood.

That brings us to Plank II.  It will be a doppelbock, aged on roasted eucalyptus and poplar.  Heavy Seas has found that different head treatments applied to the wood changes the flavor profile, thus changing the beer.  Hallertau hops will be used in this brew.  (Brewing begins in January.)

Availability: 22oz bombers
Arrival: March, 2012.

7.5% ABV

note: Not official artwork. I did that in the car on the PA turnpike headed to the NHL Winter Classic

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Heavy Seas Plank I Arrives

The first edition of Heavy Seas Brewing’s “Plank” series has arrived.  The brewery planned on releasing this beer during American Craft Beer Week 2011 (and may have) but arrival was a little later than expected.

Plank I is an English style Old Ale that makes use of Heavy Seas new wood treatments.  The English Ale is introduced to yellow poplar wood during second fermentation. The yellow poplar has been heat treated, which changes the flavor and chemical makeup.  The flavor variations give the wood some “astringency” as the brewery describes, liken to what hops do for flavor.  It’s essentially a roasting technique, which can be applied to literally hundreds of thousands of tree species.  Each time changing the flavor & nuance.


PLANK is a series of beers showcasing unique wood aging treatments to add flavor and nuance. Our first offering — PLANK I — features an Olde Style English Ale matured with specially treated Poplar wood planks.  Look for a subtle, “roasty” wood character that perfectly complements this extrAARGHdinary ale!

Style: Old Ale

Taste Expectations: Caramel, Vanilla, wood.  Slight hint of smoke, bit of chocolate.

Availability: 22oz bombers, rare draft.  $7-8 retail.  Currently 1-time brew.

8% ABV




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Heavy Seas Announces “Plank”

Update on Heavy Seas Brewing’s announcement.

Heavy Seas Beer announces Plank — a series of beers showcasing unique wood ageing treatments to add flavor and nuance. Our first, Plank I, features an Olde Style English Ale.

Over a year in development, Plank boasts a new and revolutionary way of adding wood to the brewing process.  The beer is allowed to mature on the wood during secondary fermentation.  Combinations of many different woods, beer styles, yeasts and aging times were tested.   We quietly gathered feedback at pint nights featuring Heavy Seas firkins containing ‘mystery wood’.  Outside taste testers gave their reviews and a final recipe was written to bring out the unique essence of this wood.

Plank is the first beer to ever use yellow poplar. Prepared in a not so traditional way, it will change the how you perceive wood-aged beers.   A revolutionary thermal process releases the compounds in the wood through controlled heat in a way that “toasting” cannot do.   This thermal process can be applied to any species of wood, creating something truly unique. Have we created an entirely new genre for wood-aged beer?  You decide.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more about this innovative way of wood aging beer and the crew who developed it.  Plank I will be the first, but not the last of its kind as we continue to explore the possibilities.   Watch for its release in the Mid-Atlantic area in time to celebrate American Craft Beer Week in May. Plank will join the Mutiny Fleet portfolio of beers available in 22oz bottles and very limited draft.

Sneak previews will be available at the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston next weekend.  Look for them under the alias One Eyed Woody (Plank I) and  Two Eyed Woody (an experimental recipe).