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Quick Look: Heavy Seas Plank III

Heavy Seas Brewing (Baltimore, MD) just re-released the first 2014 offering in the Uncharted Waters Series, Siren Noire.

The 2014 lineup is a lot like 2013, with just a couple of changes. Yuletide’s style will change this year (TBA) plus the third release in the Plank Project.

The Plank Project features beers that showcase special wood aging treatments. (Like wood treated with heat.) Plank III will arrive in July, a Belgian-style Ale aged on Jamaican Allspice wood.

Our newest addition to our Plank Series, the Belgian-style ale is aged over Jamaican Allspice wood to lend bold and spicy flavor to a robust yet drinkable beer.

Look for Plank III in 22oz bombers and limited draft this summer.

Style: Belgian Strong Ale (Oak/Wood Aged)
Arrival: July, 2014 (Tentative)

?? ABV

Plank 1– English Strong Ale, aged on poplar oak
Plank 2 – Dopplebock, aged on poplar & eucalyptus

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