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Heavy Seas Announces “Plank”

Update on Heavy Seas Brewing’s announcement.

Heavy Seas Beer announces Plank — a series of beers showcasing unique wood ageing treatments to add flavor and nuance. Our first, Plank I, features an Olde Style English Ale.

Over a year in development, Plank boasts a new and revolutionary way of adding wood to the brewing process.  The beer is allowed to mature on the wood during secondary fermentation.  Combinations of many different woods, beer styles, yeasts and aging times were tested.   We quietly gathered feedback at pint nights featuring Heavy Seas firkins containing ‘mystery wood’.  Outside taste testers gave their reviews and a final recipe was written to bring out the unique essence of this wood.

Plank is the first beer to ever use yellow poplar. Prepared in a not so traditional way, it will change the how you perceive wood-aged beers.   A revolutionary thermal process releases the compounds in the wood through controlled heat in a way that “toasting” cannot do.   This thermal process can be applied to any species of wood, creating something truly unique. Have we created an entirely new genre for wood-aged beer?  You decide.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more about this innovative way of wood aging beer and the crew who developed it.  Plank I will be the first, but not the last of its kind as we continue to explore the possibilities.   Watch for its release in the Mid-Atlantic area in time to celebrate American Craft Beer Week in May. Plank will join the Mutiny Fleet portfolio of beers available in 22oz bottles and very limited draft.

Sneak previews will be available at the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston next weekend.  Look for them under the alias One Eyed Woody (Plank I) and  Two Eyed Woody (an experimental recipe).