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Sweetwater Sch’wheat! Hits Shelves

To catch you up – Sweetwater Brewing (Atlanta, GA) has discontinued their Summer Hummer seasonal offering.  Replacing Hummer is a new YEAR ROUND offering – Sch’Wheat! American Wheat Ale.  Sch’Wheat! just made it’s mainstream debut at Sweetwater’s 420 Fest recently.  Seems like Sch’Wheat was well received.  If you missed it at 420 Fest, the 6 pack bottles have arrived.   You won’t find it on draft yet.  Draft hits in June.

From the previous post –

“American wheat ales have a moderate wheat character and are brewed with American yeast strains.  Citrus and spice are noticeable in American wheat ales, less banana and clove like many German hefeweizens you might have had.  Hops are definitely more prevalent in American wheat ales.  Sch’Wheat! Is intended to be kind of a gateway beer by Sweetwater.  There is still a huge part of the beer drinking population that has never even tasted a craft beer, much less an unfiltered beer full of wheat.  Not every craft beer is one that you would want to hand to a friend to try hoping to get them hooked on craft beers (some are so bold in flavor, it could be a turn off.)  This offering of Sch’Wheat! aspires to be a transition into the world of craft beer with a light, subtle, easy drinking session beer.”

Availability – Sch’Wheat! can be found in the Sweetwater Tacklebox variety packs.  12oz/6 pks.  Draft debut in June 2010.  Sch’Wheat! is a year round offering.

Tasting – Be on the lookout for orange, citrus and spices in the nose.  Palette will contain some of the same.  Light orange/citrus.  Hummer was heavy on spice.  Sch’Wheat! scaled back on spice…

4.7% ABV