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Dogfish Immort Ale Returns

Immort Ale is a part of Dogfish Head’s occasional rarities collection. (Milton, DE)  Immort Ale is an American Strong Ale.

Immort was first brewed at the Dogfish Brewpub in 1995, first bottled in 1997.  If you recall Dogfish/Sierra Nevada’s collaboration ale contained maple syrup from brewer Sam Calgione’s family farm in Massachusetts.  Immort Ale also has this ingredient, along with peat smoked barley, juniper berries, and vanilla beans.  It’s a unique blend of English & Belgian yeasts, aged in oak lined tanks.

Immort shows up each spring, after the maple syrup harvest.  Its a heavy hitter at 11% ABV.  With all these ingredients, you can imagine there is a complex palette associated with this ale.


Peat smoked barley, Vanilla beans, Maple Syrup, Juniper berries.

Aged on Oak

Yeasts – English, Belgian

Availability – 12oz/ 4pks.  Rare draft offerings.

11% ABV

50 IBUs