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SweetWater Danktoberfest Joining Dank Tank Series

SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA) gets into the fest spirit with this next edition from the Dank Tank. Introducing Danktoberfest. The Dank Tank Series is a sudsy line up of one off brews from the biggest brewery in the southeast.

While Krones was working on SweetWater’s brewhouse, which they were 3 months behind schedule on (that part is true), one of their sour kraut engineers drove a gabelstapler over Mr. Dank’s toe and broke it. Mr. Dankenschnitzel jumped a flug to Krones HQ in Deustchland to pick up his large siedlung check. Looking to quell his T Pain, Dank beelined it to Oktoberfest in Munchen and into the arms of a friendly farulein who quickly uber serviert him. Stumbling blindly, Herr Dankenschnitzel, laden in lederhosen and longingly looking for a lovely loo, humpelte into the Bitterburger Brewery to drain the main vein. Unable to hold it any longer, Danken Guender feuer abegespritzt all over the control panel, short circuiting their infamous Oktoberfest bier. The beer no longer fit the rhinobutt purity law, so Hans and Franz kicked his arsch out of the mother land and told Danky doodle dandy to take that mischmasch back to SübWasser with him.

Style: Oktoberfest
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

8.5% ABV 

Einen Punkt Sechs Fufmal