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Swamphead’s Saison Du Swamp This Saturday

Swamphead Saison Du SwampSwamp Head Brewery (Gainesville, FL) will celebrate a limited migrational release of Saison du Swamp on Saturday, December 10th from 11am to 6pm at the brewery.  This Saison, which conditions all summers long at ambient temperatures in Swamp Head’s brewery is currently the #7 Saison on Beer Advocate.

Summers here in North Florida are hot and humid, not exactly the conditions that most ale yeasts prefer. Except for the yeast used in the Wallonia region of Belgium to produce a refreshing yet complex seasonal ale known as Saison (French for season). Unlike typical ale yeasts that prefer temperatures in the 60’s, these little critters like it hot – they do their best work at temperatures above 80. So we figured if we have to work in a sweltering swamp environment, why not brew a seasonal ale that enjoys Florida summers too. From the initial aromas of pepper and summer fruits to the lingering finish with a hint of floral hops, Saison Du Swamp is a refreshing bottle conditioned ale that can be enjoyed in any season.

“This is an exciting release for us as it only comes around once a year and this year we will only sell bottles from the brewery for one day,” says Luke Kemper, Swamp Head’s owner. “If we do not sell out on Saison Saturday, we will send the rest of the bottles out to our distributors so that people who can’t make it to the brewery can have a chance at getting a bottle in their hands.”

At Saturday’s event the bottles will be sold for $15 each and we will not limit the amount of bottles purchased per person. The event will include music, food and some of the rarest beers that Swamp Head has to offer.

Swamp Head will have Saison du Swamp on draft, as well as special cask versions that have been treated and will be available in firkins and pins. The firkins will include a Cardamom Saison du Swamp and a Saison du Swamp with Brett added. Also available will be a firkin of Bacon Maple Smoke Signal.

In addition to the Saison and other casks, we will put one keg of each of our limited beers on draft and will pour them until the keg runs dry. This will include (but may not be limited to) a beer or two from the Catherine’s series, Smoke Signal Smoked Porter, 10-10-100 Imperial IPA and Hoe Hoe Hoe Winter Migrational Belgian Wheat Bier with Cranberries and Ginger.

Admission to this event is free. Must be 21 to enter. Beer prices will vary depending on the beer but will start at $4 per pint for each of our five year round beers. Questions regarding the event can be directed to Brandon Nappy in Marketing at [email protected] or at (352) 505-3035.

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