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Stone Sorry Not Sorry, brewed with 4 Hands & Bale Breaker [Released]

Stone Sorry Not Sorry Bottles

Stone Sorry Not Sorry, a new imperial IPA brewed with peaches, has been released by the Escondido, California based brewery.

Stone Sorry Not Sorry is a part of the brewery’s ongoing collaboration series, brewed with Saint Louis, Missouri’s 4 Hands Brewing and Yakima, Washington’s Bale Breaker. On the annual pilgrimage to Washington for hop selection, Stone brewmaster suggested this collaboration needed to happen. Since it’s Stone, of course it did.

This very hop forward offering has one more important element – pureed peaches. Chosen to work well the with experimental hop varieties found in Stone Sorry not Sorry.

The idea for this bright and bitter beer was born during Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele’s annual hop-selection pilgrimage to Yakima, Washington. While touring Loftus Ranches (a farm owned and operated by the same family for generations which recently expanded to Include on-property craft brewery Bale Breaker Brewing Co.), Steele felt inspired…while power-huffing hops no doubt…to suggest a brewing collaboration with Stone and our good friends from St. Louis.4 Hands Brewing Co. A powerhouse within the midwest brewing sect, 4 Hands has been on our official “awesome brewers we gotta collaborate with” list for some time. When considering the direction they’d take, it was decided that since Loftus Ranches was the first hop farm to commercially grow beloved Simcoe variety, leading with that piney, stone fruit-like hop was a must. But collaborations are about uncharted territory. Thus, the trio decided that pureed peaches hold be added to ‘up’ the fruit factor, while experimental HBC 342 and HBC 344 hops were selected to introduce notes of berries, citrus, tropical fruit and grassiness to this IPA. Yes, we made another IPA. We’ll concede that it’s not surprising. Our love of hoppy beers runs like a deeply entrenched mutherlode (yes, we meant to spell it that way) of humulus lupulus coursing through our veins. Ditto 4 Hands and Bale Breaker. So for those who’d have preferred to see us craft a milk stout, ancient ale or barrel-aged offering, that’s okay…we’ve made all of those in the past few months too. But we are who we are: an unapologetic band of hopheads psyched to explore the ever-expanding network of nooks and crannies within the IPA universe. So happy to have you join us!

Stone Sorry Not Sorry is available in 22 ounce bottles and draft for a limited time.

Style: Imperial IPA (w/ Peaches)
Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Mosaic, HBC 342 and HBC 344
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: 11/9/15

9.3% ABV, 70 IBUS

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  1. This could be fuckin’ awesome. 4 Hands knows how to rock a fruit beer and Stone kills IPAs. Hopefully the peaches come through.

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