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Stone Groundbreaking Collab: SPECIAL bashah [VIDEO]

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) made craft beer headlines today, with the announcement of a new brewery build in Berlin, Germany. The build will cost $25 million dollars.

The brewery has started an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, where for $50 dollars you can purchase a 1.5 liter bottle from a special, very limited, Stone Groundbreaking Collaboration Series.

Among these beers is Special bashah, a second take on the black double belgian IPA Stone created with Scottish craft brewery, Brewdog in 2009.

If you choose to purchase a bottle, it must be picked up at either Stone in Escondido, California, or Berlin, Germany. Release date to be announced.

bashah: Is an acronym for “black as sin hoppy as hell”

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