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Sour. Collaborative. Here.

Cigar City Brewing & The Bruery recently collaborated.  The result –  Marrón Acidifié.  Here sooner than expected. (A good thing.)

What You Need To Know:
In 2008, both Cigar City Brewing and The Bruery opened their doors.  In 2009, Joe Redner of Cigar City and Patrick Rue of The Bruery met at GABF.  They becames friends, had beers at Falling Rock Tap House, slapped a few high fives, and decided to collaborate.  Once you get those 2 brewers in a room together, don’t expect anything usual.  Ingredients like Thai basil, guava, specialty barrels came into play.

2 beers were produced, the first (ISO:FT) is rare and getting expensive to get ($200).  For those without deep pockets is the premiere release from the collaboration, Marrón Acidifié.

An Imperial Oud Bruin developed from a mutual love of classic Belgian technique blended with modern American ingenuity. Spending over a year in barrels, both bourbon and wine, has left this dark sour ale layered with notes of cranberries, tropical fruits, leather and aged balsamic vinegar, balanced by wood tannins and roasted malt.

Style: Flanders Oud Bruin

Taste Expectations: Dark fruits, cherries.  Roasty, & light malts.  Oak, tart, sweet, funky, complex.

Availability: 750 ML champagne bottles. Limited release.

8.5% ABV

Image: @AleYeahBeer

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  1. The Bruery Marrón Acidifié is a truly outstanding Oud Bruin. Several snifters was enough to convince me that Marrón Acidifié is one of the best sour ales that I have ever had.

    Many thanks to The Bruery and Cigar City for crafting this superb beer.

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