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Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ships

Smuttynose Brewing’s Really Old Brown Dog has officially started shipping.

Really Old Brown Dog was first brewed in 2007 and has become one of our fastest-selling and beloved Big Beers.  In addition to our two dog-themed beers, we also host a Brown Dog Pinup Page, to which you should feel free to submit pictures of your favorite pets or simply browse candid shots of other people’s.  The beer itself is complex.  You’ll taste malty character that’s reminiscent of whole-wheat, digestive biscuits while tannin and vanillin notes add depth and complexity to the malt.  A final wash of dried fruits and port adds a lively third dimension of enjoyment for your taste buds.

Style: Old Ale
Malts: North American 2-Row, Aromatic, Crisp Pale Ale, Carafa II DH, C-15, Carared
Port-soaked oak chips
Yeast: WLP-001 California Ale Yeast

Availability: 22 oz bombers. Limited to 200 barrel

10.1% abv, 20 IBU