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Pale ale & bourbon barrels meet in Ska Brewing Dementia

Ska Brewing Dementia

Ska Brewing Dementia officially released ahead of this holiday season. Take Euphoria, the Durango, Colorado based brewery’s winter pale ale, and add it to bourbon barrels. Out comes Dementia, a new toasty winter seasonal.

Those familiar with Euphoria are already familiar with a large portion of this beer. You’ll notice this beer is not as fresh and crisp as the year-rounder, thanks to the extra time it has spent in oak. The bourbon very much makes up that small transgression. Dementia is great beer to pair/ offset the richness of the pounds of holiday foods you are trying to finish off.

“Peach aromas, caramel sweetness and a touch of chocolate and toast provide a boozy and earthy essence. It is the perfect winter warmer.” -Thomas Larsen, Headbrewer.

Ska Brewing Dementia is available for a limited time in 22oz bottles within Ska Brewing’s largest markets; Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California and Illinois.

Style: Pale Ale (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California and Illinois. Limited release.
November, 2016 

6.2% ABV