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Sixpoint Autumnation 2012 Features Pumpkin, Citra

Sixpoint Autumnation returns. The wet hopped perennial favorite is back celebrating the fall harvest. Autumnation changes a bit each year. An online poll decided the hop strain will accompany the pumpkin in the 2012 release. Citra won the place of honor this year. Some folks from the brewery travelled to Yakima, Washington for the hop picking festivities.

Our own Brewmaster Jan Matysiak and Sixpoint Brewer Heather McReynolds traveled to Yakima to observe the festivities of the hop harvest this September. “During the time of harvest and processing, one can actually smell the hops when walking through the city of Yakima. It’s truly astounding” said Matysiak. McReynolds was equally impressed. “Being in Yakima was a truly great experience,” she remarked. “One that every brewer and homebrewer should have at least once.”

Style: Fruit/Vegetable (w/ Pumpkin, Ginger, Wet Hopped)
Availability: Cans, Draft. Fall seasonal
6.7% ABV