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Sierra Nevada Rules Out TN & VA. Some Search Parameters, New Brands

Everyone is wondering where Sierra Nevada’s new brewery will be built.  A few spots have been ruled out.

Blount County, Tennessee 

Blount County is no longer under consideration for the Sierra Nevada project,” the release states. “We appreciate the interest the brewing company had in operating a plant in Blount County and understand their reasons for not locating here.

Christiansburg, Virginia

The Roanoke Times that brewery took Montgomery County out of consideration because the location that it was eying is now under contract with Utah-based

Sierra Nevada has been taking a  good bit into consideration before building this new brewery.  Parameters include –

School System (workers have kids)
Water Quality (Key ingredient in beer)
Community Quality (They take pride in beer, people, and quality of life)
Price and sustainability.  Even the brewery at Chico could fail so don’t get financially cock with new location build.
Logistics are a concern, but things like a railroad aren’t  a full requirement.

Interestingly, the new east coast location could see new brands and brews, specifically for the east coast according to assistant brewmaster Terrance Sullivan.

With Sierra doing a little more barrel aging (starting in 2012) the east coast see beers aged in Jim Beam/Jack Daniels barrels, while the west sees different sets of local whiskey barrels.

At any rate, Sierra is definitely evolving.