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Barrel Aged Bigfoot In 2012

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged BigfootI had a few beers with Sierra Nevada’s assistant brewmaster Terrance Sullivan last night.  We chatted about things going on a Chico – past, present, & future.  There is a lot going on these days at Sierra.  Here is a series of snippets of whats in store.

Those lovers of both Bigfoot Barleywine and barrel aging will be thrilled to hear about the two coming together next year.  2012 will see the release of Barrel Aged Bigfoot.  Sierra has obtained a mixture of whiskey barrels (Jack Daniels, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam) and are working on some test batches as you read this.  Somewhere in mid-late 2012, BA Bigfoot will debut.

Size?  Still in discussing.  Potentially new 375ml packaging. Or 12oz or 750 mls.

Release will be localized to Chico.  Although, he did go on to say – if you are a market that receives something like Life & Limb, then you might receive some BA Bigfoot.  A lot more to come on this…


note: above image is just a for the story… Not official, or made by the brewery…