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Sierra Nevada/ Dogfish Head Collaboration hits Atlanta

Life and LimbLife and Limb has arrived in Atlanta.  There is a lot to talk about with this particular beer.  First, the basics.  Life and limb is part of a 2 beer collaboration release between Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head Breweries.  The doctrine behind this brew is to dedicate a release to beer drinkers, and beer lovers who support craft beer worldwide.

Life & Limb is born out a friendship between brewer Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head.  (If you don’t know, Ken Grossman is a pioneer in the craft beer world.  Home brewer turned founder of Sierra Nevada in 1980.)  Many of the accomplishments of Ken have been an inspiration to Sam.  It is out of the friendship and adoration of each other, these beers are born.

The name Life and Limb is an homage to the American breweries that breathed LIFE in the tree of craft brewing, and the ever growing more diverse LIMBS of it.  L&L is a strong ale at 10% ABV with a unique list of ingredients.  In this collaboration, Sierra and Dogfish carefully thought out additions to this brew that reflect each brewhouse.    Estate barley from Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, California.  Pure maple syrup  from the Calagione farm in Massachusetts.   Also, for the first time in craft beer, birch syrup from Alaska used for natural carbonation.  Yeast strains from both brew houses were combined to make a unique signature.  Life & Limb is made to cellar very well.  Sam Calagione even mentioned it would be great if one day his children and Ken Grossman’s children raised a glass of 2009 Life and Limb at a beer dinner years in the future.

A sister beer to Life & Limb is dubbed Limb and Life.  It is a lighter beer than its companion at 5% ABV.  Limb & Life is produced from left over sugars from the first run.  Throw in some American hops and you have a nice sessionable compliment to Life & Limb.  It is a draft only release, and no word yet on it for Atlanta.

Bottles of Life & Limb are available now @ Hop City.  22 oz — 9.99. (SOLD OUT!!!!!)

Draft opportunities will be posted ASAP.

Taste?  After a small taste of Life & Limb last night, I will leave you with this — there is a lot going on in that glass. So get a bottle and get tasting…