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New in bottle – Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

Chicory StoutDogfish Head Chicory Stout is one of the first beers brewed by DFH when it was just a brewpub in 1995.  Back then Sam Calagione (founder/brewer) was brewing on a small 10 gallon system. He had to brew constantly in order to keep the beer flowing at the pub.  Well, Sam got bored one morning,  wandered into the kitchen of the pub and grabbed ingredients.

Coffee was the first things he grabbed (it was the AM) and then chicory to compliment the coffee. Chicory is found in New Orleans coffee blends.  Other ingredients include St. John’s Wort and licorice root.  To quote Sam’s tasting notes — “Putting St. John’s wort in the brew makes this beer nature’s antidepressant depressant.  Drink all you want it cancels itself out. “

It’s a seasonal release in November/December each year.  It’s a great sessionable stout at 5% ABV.

Hop City – 6 pk – 12.49

Tower – ??

Total Wine – Not in Stock yet.

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