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Short’s Completes Nicie Spicie Bottling Run

Short’s Brewing’s Nicie Spice is headed back for shelves for 2011.  Nicie Spicie is Short’s summer offering, a herb/spice beer.  Short’s Brewing mentioned it on their website today.

When we aren’t hard at work brewing, summer is a time for us to enjoy water skiing, softball, and Nicie Spicie. There’s nothing more refreshing than Nicie on a hot afternoon! We just completed our first bottling run of Nicie for 2011, so look for it in stores soon!

Nicie Spicie is a wheat ale made with a 50/50 blend of malted barley and malted white wheat. It is infused with fresh citrus zest, then spiced with coriander and a four peppercorn blend. This light bodied ale is very easy to drink for being as complex as it is. Exemplified by its gorgeous golden color, this beer is crisp and refreshing.

Style: Spice Beer

Availability: 12oz/6pks, Draft. Michigan distribution area.

5.2% ABV


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