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Shock Top Variety Pack Makes A Wheaty Debut

The Shock Top Variety Pack is making it’s way to shelves.  The pack includes the new Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat, along with Shock Top Raspberry Wheat (debuting early 2011) and regular Shock Top White.

The variety pack will be available until early January, 2012. Pumpkin has already arrived in 12oz/6pks & draft.

“The Shock Top family’s popularity just continues to grow — up nearly 77% in the first half of the year, and we want to keep bringing new offerings,” said Paul Byrne, brand manager for Shock Top. “We’ve already expanded the family this year to include new styles and packages, and we’re excited about new opportunities for the brand in 2012.

Shock Top Belgian White has had a few packaging change-ups in 2011 – with the addition of 12oz cans, and 22oz bottles.  [PressRelease]


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