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Shock Top Launches Twisted Pretzel & Shockolate Wheat

Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Shocklote

Shock Top launched two new offerings in their mixed pack today – Shockolate Wheat, and Twisted Pretzel Wheat.

Twisted Pretzel Wheat had a limited draft engagement late spring. The beer is brewed with spices that make it smell (and taste) like Bavarian-style pretzels.

Shockolate Wheat is brewed with chocolate, caramel, and black malts, and aged with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.

Both are seasonal releases in 12oz bottles, in the Winter Sampler pack.

Note: The above “Best Day Ever” is a part of Shock Top’s promotional marketing. Not a BSJ image. 

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Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat Launches

Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat

Shock Top continues their quest to create limited edition flavors with the addition of Shock Top Spiced Banana Wheat.

As with the plethora of other offerings by the brewery, Shock Top uses the base Belgian-style witbier, and nuances it with banana, honey and citrus.

Some Shock Top “limited edition” brews appear solely in their mixed packs.

Style: Witbier (w/ Honey, Banana, Oranges)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Release: August, 2014

5.5% ABV


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Shock Top Shockolate Wheat To Join Winter Lineup

Shock Top Shockolate Wheat

Shock Top’s pursuit of the perfect seasonal continues this winter with the addition of Shockolate Wheat. For this addition, the base Belgian-style wheat is aged on vanilla and chocolate.

Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with spice, aged on cocoa and vanilla beans and with natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. 

Shock Top Shockolate Wheat will be available in 12oz bottles and draft.

Style: Belgian-style Witbier (w/ Vanilla, Cocoa NIbs)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Seasonal

4.3% ABV


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Shock Top Blends Cider Into Honey Crisp Apple Wheat

Shock Top Honey Crisp Apple Wheat

Shock Top looks to increase it’s brand lineup with Honeycrisp Apple Wheat. This creation looks to be fusion of two styles – cider and witbier. Honeycrisp is brewed with cider & spices. Recently, another cider/beer fusion beer debuted by Dogfish Head  Positive Contact. Shock Top has just released End Of The World Midnight Wheat beer with chilis.

Belgian Style wheat ale brewed with cider and spices with natural honey crisp apple flavor and other natural flavors.

Style: Wheat Beer (w/ Cider, Apples) Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

5.2% ABV 


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Shock Top Brews With Chili For End Of The World

Introducing Shock Top End Of The World. The beer of course alludes to 2012 being the earth’s last dance.  In a dramatic departure from Shock’s other offerings, End Of The World is brewed with midnight wheat (a dark malt) chocolate malt, chilis and spice.  Shock Top has had a marketing push this year around the supposed end history, with taglines like – “Shock Top, The Official Beer Of The End Of The World.  Shock Top’s ad agency 72AndSunny is the mastermind behind the campaign.

Style: Wheat Beer
Availability: 12 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

6% ABV 

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Shock Top Wheat IPA Added To Draftmark

Shock Top Wheat I.P.A. will join Anheuser-Busch’s Draftmark System soon.  The system holds a full gallon of Shock Top,  and keep the beer fresh and pressured for 30 days.  There is a “jar” that is inserted into system that lives in your fridge.

After the beer is in, you pour.

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Shock Top Wants To Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

What if  December 21, 2012 is actually the end of the world?  Have you done everything you wanted to do?  Have something extreme that you want to do before it’s all over? Shock Top can help you accomplish it.  Here’s a chance to scratch something off your bucket list, and Shock Top will pay for it.  Sky Diving? Swimming with sharks? Climbing Everest, Kilimanjaro, or K2?  Figure you what would make you feel complete at the end of it all, and head over to Shock Top’s Facebook Page, and click The Final Challenge.  Create a challenge and good luck.