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Shiner Ruby Redbird is Back. Now in Cans

With the hot summer looming, the makers of Shiner are bringing Ruby Redbird back to cool you off. For the first time ever, Redbird will be available in cans. Now this bird can fly anywhere you find yourself in need of a Texas brew. The crips fruit beer is brewed with red grapefruit, and a hint of ginger. Now shipping.

This crisp, refreshing summer seasonal is brewed with Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, the signature citrus of the Rio Grande Valley. Tartness from the grapefruit and a delightful kick from ginger combine for a taste that’s perfect for hot summer days. 

Style: Fruit Beer (w/ Grapefruit, Ginger)
Availability: 12oz bottles, 24oz bottles, 12oz cans (new). Summer Seasonal

4.2% ABV, 13 IBUs