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SEASONAL RETURN: Heavy Seas Prosit!

It’s that time of year for fall lagers to start heading our way.  Pumpkin beers are shipping ,and now marzens.   The first of a few of these fall styles returns for a second visit from Heavy Seas and that’s “Prosit!”

Prosit! is an imperial version of an oktoberfest lager style brew.  It’s a member of  Heavy Sea’s  “Mutiny Fleet”, the small batch bomber series released throughout the year.  Heavy Seas describes –

“Malt focused, made with five types of grain including Vienna and Munich malts — plus a secret extra malt that we use only in our Prosit! Consider this bomber to be the burly big brother to our Clipper City MarzHon, a three year in a row winner at the Great American Beer Festival. We’ve balanced the sweetness of the malt with three kinds of hops making this one of the boldest marzen style lagers you’ll ever try.  5 Kinds of Malt, 3 Kinds of Hops, estimated ABV 9% estimated IBU 25”

Malty indeed.  This beer really gets you in a fall mood.  If I only had lederhosen.

Style: Marzen/Oktoberfest

Taste Expectations: This is a malt forward for sure. Caramel, toffee with a some roast and bread malts.  Maintains a lager body and mouthfeel so it’s not too heavy.  Expect bolder lager beer if you haven’t strayed far from the macro lager path.

Availability: 22oz  Bombers. Draft.  2nd Edition, early fall seasonal.  Small batch, limited release.

9% ABV