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San Tan Brewing To Conquer Southwest

Cans, cans, cans. That’s the news these days. SweetWater Brewing is about to can, all can Upslope is expanding their distribution, West Sixth has a newbie coming too.

In the southwest (where warm weather never really goes away) SanTan Brewing (Chandler, AZ) is taking aim at the southwest, and soon the United States. Southern California will be drinking SanTan in March, followed by Texas in April. Up next? New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. This marks the first time that the brewery has distributed outside of Arizona.

I don’t know which is the bigger win, really. The larger availability of craft options in the southwest, or more craft beer in cans to drink in more places. Perhaps both in this case. San Tan Brewing’s core lineup includes Devil’s Ale, HefeWeizen Wheat, Sunspot Golden Ale, & more. Oh, and don’t forget about Sex Panther.

SanTan Brewing was founded in 2007.