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Sam Smith Stingo’s 2nd Release

Samuel Smith‘s Old Brewery at Tadcaster is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, England — founded in 1758. To this day it remains the only independent brewery in the area. You have probably seen Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Imperial Stout, and Winter Welcome Ale. Now, to impart some beer history on you — here is something that makes Sam Smith interesting…

Sam Smith is one of the few English brewers left to employ the traditional Yorkshire Squares brewing system. This system — over 200 years old, requires a lot of attention in order to ferment beer in this method properly. A Yorkshire Squares fermenting system is a square vessel that rises about 2 stories. Cooled wort ( aka liquid extracted from grains and water that will be used to ferment into BEER!) is placed in the lower chamber of this square, while the yeast filled head settles in the upper chamber. The yeast will rise to the top deck, and remains there when the beer below is drained off.  The beer isn’t drinkable from here — it’s still harsh. The remaining yeast will be allowed to ferment into alcohol, flavoring the beer a bit more. From this stage it is casked — thus the reference on the label to these English labels called “Cask Conditioned.” In the end, it takes about 6 days from start to cask.


Yorkshire Stingo is brewed using this historical technique. Furthermore, Stingo is aged over a year in oak casks that have been used to age the Sam Smith’s ales since the turn of the century. What you will tasting is an ale brewed in a style as old as the United States itself.

Taste Expectations: raisin, fruit, hints of toffee, and oak.

Food Pairings: Pair with beef, wild game, or demanding deeply-flavored foods like pickled fish or strong aromatic cheeses. Try with lamb, duck, smoked meats, or Kalamata olives

Availability: 550 ML Capped Bottles.  Limted to less than 2,000 cases.  Released on August 1st  annual on “Yorkshire Day.”

8% ABV