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Sam Adam’s Crowd Sourced Beer Results Are In

A little less than a month ago, Sam Adams fans were given the opportunity to “crowd source” a beer to be brewed for SXSW.  The Facebook app allowed you to choose everything from color to hoppiness.  The results are in.  The people have voted:

Here’s the brew you asked for: slightly hazy, medium bodied, amber ale with a spicy hop aroma, notes of toffee and a smooth, yet spicy finish. Our brew team are now hard at work turning these top picks into a recipe, which they’ll brew during this month and will reveal in early-March. Thanks to everyone who participated in sharing their ideal brew with us!

The beer will be brewed this month, and premiere in March in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest. The launch party is slated for Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party taking  place on March 10th.