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Mess Around On Facebook & Have A Beer To Show For It

Now you can do something useful on Facebook for once.  Help make a beer.  On top of joining Twitter today, Boston Beer has another little nugget of news.  The brewery has released an app today for Facebook that will allow users to choose characteristics in a fan created beer.  The app lets you choose things like color, clarity, body, hops and malt.  It’s a social media nerd collaboration.

Theres only one slight drawback to this crowd-sourced collaboration.   The yet to be named beer will only be available in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest in March.  The launch party is slated for Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party taking  place on March 10th.  (Someone explain what the hell that is.) When you swing over to Samuel Adams Facebook page, click “Crowd Source App” on the left side and install on your page.

Here’s a breakdown of the choices from the app:







You can even see what’s in the lead