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Pittsburgh based Rivertowne Brewing has filed for bankruptcy protection

Rivertowne Brewing Lineup

Pittsburgh based Rivertowne Brewing has filed for bankruptcy protection according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

In the filings, the brewery owes $271,000 to the Pittsburgh Pirates, $103,000 to S&T Bank, plus other debts including rent, utilities, and more. In total, the brewery owes $637,372.58 to various companies.

Rivertowne Brewing was founded in 2002 and has since grown to include five locations around the Pittsburgh area.

According to the brewery, sales of their newest beers are strong, the employees will continue to be paid and the business will continue as normal as a new financial plan is created.

The brewery’s year-round beers include Hali Kahiki (Pineapple fruit beer), Grateful White (witbier), Jump! IPA, and Float Trip IPA.